Monday, March 23, 2009

Another March Birthday!

Quincy wanted cupcakes. So I made some pretty green frosting and we placed them in the cupcake tree. He was so thrilled with them. He helped me put the sprinkles on them.

Each year, for Quincy's Birthday, I get him a new stein for a collection I started on his first birthday. It seemed a fitting collection for a person who has a birthday on Saint Patrick's Day.

Quincy actually wanted white frosting, but I talked him into green. It almost seemed sacral!

Okay! Now...I know some folks might have an issue with this, but my little guy specifically asked for a doll. He was even clear on certain features. He wanted his doll's eyes to open and close and the eyes were to have lashes. How could I resist?

Quincy's Grampa Jim and Gramma Margie joined us in the celebration!


Katie said...

What wonderful pictures of Q's special day.

I see nothing wrong with boys having dolls. What a beautiful doll you found him.

Also, I would love to see the pictures of all the steins you have gotten him over the years!!!

Java Venus said...

Hey! What a fun idea for a photo set-up.