Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How To Make a Paper Snowflake

Here are some super easy steps to making paper snowflakes!

sharp scissors
bone folder

Fold #1: Fold the sheet of paper so that the top edge lines up with the left edge of the paper. Fold in your crease.
Trim away the excess paper so there is a triangle remaining.
Fold #2: With the folded edge of the triangle at the top, fold the two upper points together. Fold in the crease using the bone folder.
Fold #3: With the single fold under your left hand, line up all three points. Press in the fold with your bone folder.
At this point, you have made 3 folds. There is a single fold on the lower left edge of this triangle.
Fold #4: Fold your triangle so that the single folded edge lines up with the longer edge of the triangle.
Use the bone folder to press in the crease. Your paper should look a little like a torch with a flame on it.
Cut of the "flame" from the "torch."
Using your sharp scissors, cut shapes from your triangle. For the laciest snowflakes, the key is to remove as much paper without cutting all the way through to the other side.
Try straight cuts and round cuts. Cuts that look like the above image, produce a snowflake that looks like THIS:
Enjoy making a blizzard of snowflakes!


Katie said...

CJR and I just made some paper snowflakes tonight. He had SO much fun doing it. :)

Java Venus said...

I am so glad you were able to understand these directions! You ought to post some pictures of your creations on your blog!

Hugs to you!