Sunday, March 28, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake

Today, after church, Quincy and I went to the store to pick up a few groceries for dinner. Upon entering the store, I spied some clamshell boxes of fresh strawberries. Instantly, I decided on what we'd have for dessert. I selected a box of the best berries in the display. As soon as Quincy saw the plump red beauties in my shopping cart, he started begging for just one strawberry. I told him, that we'd have them in our dessert. I told him we were going to have strawberry shortcake. He looked up at me and told me, "Mom! Strawberry Shortcake is a toy!"

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

My beautiful Daughter, Kaitlyn, turned 16 last week. I was between computers and have just now finally had time to share some of the pictures with you here. Her friends and I all worked together and in less than 24 hours, we created a fun, little surprise party for her.

Kaitlyn wears the silly birthday crown I made for her! She didn't wear it long because she said it made her ears stick out.

We gathered 'round the good stuff!

Kaitlyn and Siv met when they were in preschool at the tender age of two! They've been friends ever since. We invited Siv to Kait's third birthday party. In one of the pictures, you see Siv taking a big inhale because she is ready to blow out the candles. Kaitlyn was too slow and Siv got the candles. Kaitlyn turned around and glared at Siv. So what you see in this picture is a slightly hilarious re-enactment.

I made a few tissue paper flowers for decorations....Amanda decided they looked better on Kaitlyn's head!

Look at all those BEAUTFUL smiles!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We've Only Just Begun

When I started thinking about the possibility of getting married again, I started thinking about what kind of dress I might like to have. What style I wanted. I dreamed up my dress. I thought I might like to make my own dress. I wasn't sure of the fabrics, but I had a basic idea of the design lines.

One day, I was flipping through a knitting magazine. I saw an advertisement for a knitting book by Nicky Epstein. My heart skipped a beat! THAT WAS IT! IT WAS MY DRESS! I was thrilled! I discovered that the dress was crocheted. I've crocheted for a lot of years and have made a lot of afghans. So I knew I could crochet, but there was one little problem: I couldn't make sense of crochet patterns. I knew the basics, but despite that, reading and understanding crochet patterns would stump me every time. Since my sister is an avid crocheter, I asked her to take a look at the pattern and tell me if she thought it would be too difficult. She told me it looked pretty straightforward and she was certain I could handle it. I decided to go ahead and order my yarn.

I bought one hank of the yarn, took it home and made a few practice motifs. I was so happy!

I eagerly awaited the yarn's arrival. While I waited, I used the yarn to knit a scarf. Upon completion of that project, I decided I wasn't too thrilled with it as it was just a little too fuzzy for the look i wanted with my wedding dress. Alas, the word came that the yarn I ordered had been discontinued. I didn't panic. I was relieved, actually. I re-chose my yarn. I decided to use a yarn called Bahia. It's got a silkiness to it and a lovely sheen.

I found a quiet moment and started working on the pile of motifs I will need to sew together to make my very special dress.

I look at them and I smile. I feel happy in my bones. They're beautiful to see.....and to touch.

I've gotten mixed reviews. Some friends are supportive, some question my sanity....I'm thrilled with my choice. I am also happy to report that after practicing with a few little projects from patterns, I can read crochet patterns! I feel so accomplished! :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Miss This Space...

Due to computer issues, I am somewhat paralyzed as far as posting. I miss posting with photos. Photographs are such an important part of my blogging experience. I've been promised a new "bag of tools" and that tool kit is on its way ... to arrive soon. Hopefully, by the end of this month, I will be back up and running and posting like never before...including photos.

Ms. Java