Saturday, November 28, 2009

All in the Family

This month has been both challenging and beautiful.

I am so proud of my kids. REALLY. I just had to share this photograph with the whole wide world. Sometimes, it is rough trying to get everyone in the same place at the same time with a happy heart. While one of my daughters is missing from this photo, I have my fingers crossed for another opportunity like this SOON! Will you help me out and cross YOUR fingers, too?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Just Sayin'

This was my school-age crew on their first day of school. It was a lovely day in August and if I may be so bold, I think they look kinda happy to be going back.
I didn't get to post this in, I figured I'd do it now while I'm taking a little walk down memory lane!
I think they're quite beautiful!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Love It!

Things for which I am grateful right now:
  • my kids are all safe at home; all snug in their beds
  • being a mama and the ability to be there for my kids when they need me
  • Text Messages
  • friends who love me make me smile
  • Green & Black's with Almonds
  • hot tea an a fancy cup
  • my camera
  • hearing my sweet little boy snore the night away...hee hee hee
  • the blog and the creative outlet it allows me
  • knowing tomorrow is jam-packed with possibilities for new experiences and new images to make
  • The new adventures that lie before me
  • the magic of the holiday season...the music, the lights, the food, the celebrating, the shopping, the giftwrapping, the ice skating, the hustle and bustle ...
  • the absolutely stunning sunrises this time of year affords us
  • a stack of journals that holds so many memories and thoughts and dreams and wishes

I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world!

Family Portraits

I kinda like this shot! It's a family portrait of sorts! We're all in the photo so that counts, right?
Look closely! Quincy is in it, I am in it (behind the camera, of course!) And Rob is in it! Check us out!

Daily Dose of CUTE!

Here he is! Feel free to gaze upon the cuteness we call Uno! He's running around here now trying so hard to keep up with Jitter and Moses! He's eating food from the bowl now.

Goodnight Moon

As I was leaving Walmart last night, I saw this gorgeous sight. I pulled off to the side of the road and started composing and snapping and then recomposing. I saw headlights reflecting in my sideview mirrors. My window was down. I quickly discovered in the dim light it was an ambulance that had approached. The two men inside the rescue vehicle peered into my car and asked if I was okay and they asked if I needed help. I smiled, then giggled and told them I was just photographing the moon. They smiled. Then, they nodded. And then they drove away. I snapped a few more shots and then drove away, too. I was happy with my decision to stop and get the captures.
This week has been really crazy. I've missed checking my mail and reading my favorite blogs each day. Each day this week has unveiled some secret surprise that hasn't always been a nice one. I've managed to meet each challenge and make it through with my head held high.
The biggest surprise was that Alex spent 9 hours in urgent care last night as a result of an asthma flare-up. Any of you who are parents of asthmatic kids can attest to the fact that Asthma is pretty frightening. Witnessing an asthma attack can leave you feeling rather small and extremely helpless...then when the doctors take aggressive measures and there isn't any kind of favorable improvement, that small feeling becomes a lot more intense. Thankfully, the aggressiveness of the doctor who cared for Alex last night finally did pay off and I was able to bring my boys home and tuck them into bed.
I am so thankful for the advances in medicine and technology. Because of them, my kids are happy and healthy today.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


In his younger days, this cat would strip the sheets from my mother's guest bed!
I remember one time, I'd gone to my mom's house and saw the sheets were all in disarray on the bed. I just figured that mom and put them on the bed with plans of later making the bed when time allowed. I didn't think much of it. My mom came home that same afternoon and saw the rumpled bed and thought my two little ones (who were 3 and 1 at the time) had jumped on the bed and pulled the sheets off. She thought it was kind of strange that I would allow the kids to do that, but when she went to straighten the sheets, she noticed a whole series of punctures in the sheets from Minty's teeth and claws. I guess he was upset about being left at home alone.
Minty LOVED to be petted. He loved attention that was a sure thing! Anyone who sat still long enough would find Minty at their feet. He'd start first with soft meows that I thought sounded a lot like a duck quack. Then after a few pats on the head or strokes along his back from nose to tail, the attention would usually stop. Then, there would be more meow-quacks followed by Minty's paw rubbing -- scratch that -- pulling the person's hand to him as a very direct hint that he wasn't finished being loved and petted. He usually got lots of love when all of us were gathered at my mother's house.
After 16 years, Minty has gone on to a better place.
Christmas won't be the same without Minty's begging for love!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Thrill of The Hunt

I remember a time when I thought thrift stores were beneath me. Afterall, the only things that were there were unwanted items. Surely, nothing of any value could be found in a second-hand store. Right?


I'm here to tell you: Thrifting is absolutely one of my favorite hobbies. I've had a change of heart. That is right! Now, I actually map out time...BIG CHUNKS of time to scour the shelves of thrift stores.

I usually set out with an open mind. I try not to limit myself too much on looking for particular items; although, I might say that I hope to find a basket, or bed sheets. They are pretty common items, but sometimes, I look for a certain shape of basket or a certain color of sheets.

I have my favorite stores I like to haunt. When I open the doors, there is definitely a rhythm I follow. And usually, there isn't a department I don't scuff up the floors a little.

This weekend, my neighbor, Rachel, and I went to three different thrift shops. After not spending a lot of money, I came home with quite a haul! I was so proud of myself. I ended up with a pair of jammy pants and blue jeans for Alex, a new supply of dinner plates, a vintage camera, a brass piano lamp, storybooks, a snowsuit, a computer game for Quincy, two pairs of snow goggles for the kids to use while sledding, three big, sturdy baskets, a chalkboard/whiteboard memo thingy, a rug with coffee cup motifs, china cups and saucers....goodness gracious! I was so proud all my purchases! I think one of my favorite scores was the set of four kitty cat plates and a free french press coffee maker. I couldn't believe it! Now guess what? I'm on the hunt for a plate hanger with three or four slots. It's out there. I will find it. I just know it.

I absolutely love the feeling when I find something I had wished for. That, for me, is the thrill of the hunt!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grace and Beauty

Crisp white and waxy
graceful tendrils and pink throat...
dragon's mouth? Orchid!

Headache, Headache Go Away

Today, I have a headache...
Today, I still want to do my photoshoot.
Today, I want to go to town to get craft supplies.
Today, I want to knit some more on Kaitie's Christmas Blanket.
Today, I wish my headache would go away so I can be productive.

Monday, November 2, 2009


I see the moon
and the moon sees me.
God bless the moon
and God bless me.

Hello, November!

It's here! November!

Just 53 shopping days left now til Christmas. Crazy, isn't it? I always say the holiday season starts right after Halloween, because it all just seems to blur together in a swish of evergreen boughs and holly berries...mixed in with a few Ho Ho Ho's!

I'm feeling shifts of energies in my life...some are really good and some promote feelings of sadness. I suppose it's just all part of life: growing, learning, expanding, searching, more learning. These shifts are really forcing me to search inward (and outward) to make me a better ME! I am really proud of myself for all the things I have done. For all the things I am doing and all of the wonderful things I am planning to do.

Here's to change...the only constant we really have!

Wishing you a superbly, wonderful November!