Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beautiful Boy

He's coming to a place where he doesn't like to have his picture made too often anymore, but he still loves this cat.

A. Lot.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tiny Blooms

I've waited oh so patiently for my neighobr's lilacs to bloom. And finally, they did. I'd noticed a few other lilac hedges around town that had bloomed, but this one was taking it's time for sure. I think the pitcher was a great place to showcase them in my living room. They sure do smell sweet! I wish I could share their fragrance here with you, too.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thrift Store Score

I stopped in at the little thrift shop in Kiowa yesterday and found this adorable little white vase. It is so simple and so elegant all in one neat little package.
Sadly, the flowers my children presented to me on Mother's Day are starting to expire. I took the remaining flowers that still look good and moved them into this smaller space. I think the miniaturized arrangement still holds some appeal.
I loved that there were Mums in the "Mum's Day Bouquet!" Clever!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Dose of CUTE-ness

Moses has been a really good Mama to her three kittens. She is very attentive and the kittens are now two weeks and one day old. Their little blue eyes are visible now and they are starting to walk...or should I say wobble. They purr and even nibble on each other's ears. We try to snuggle these little fuzzballs, but they don't like to be too far from their little nest. As soon as they get about 3 inches away from it, they start to cry....loudly...which naturally alerts their very protective mama and she returns dutifully to settle her children. Once all three babies are settled and napping, Moses hops out to live her life for a little bit...and take a little breather.

I was a little worried about the idea of Moses having kittens, but it has turned out to be a very sweet, and fun experience for the kids....and me!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name...

I haven't felt very verbose lately. I often sit and think of many things I'd like to tell you about here on my blog, but when I sit down to write, the words elude me. Today, I would like to just share a couple of pictures of a rose that was part of my Mother's Day bouquet.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Passion Shower

Yesterday, the weather was lovely. The air was warm. I had to meet a client at
Starbucks and a venti Passion Tea sounded really yummy.

I love how pretty and sparkly clear Passion Tea is in the clear plastic tumblers while rolling around with ice cubes. I paid for my order and began to herd my gaggle of children out of the store. I held my prized beverage with the fingers of my right hand stretched over the top of the cup. I held my pinkie finger out to offer to my toddler while we strolled through the parking lot. Just as i opened my mouth to speak, I felt the lid pop off of my drink, and the full cup of refreshment fell to the black pavement. I stopped dead in my tracks and when the plastic met the pavement, my beautiful, sparkly red tea splashed up and out of the cup and all over me, then ran like a river down the incline of the parking lot. I picked up the plastic vessel. Then I told all the kids to go ahead and get into the van.
I was determined to have my tea. I walked back up to the counter at Starbucks. The girl who served me earlier saw me and recognized me and said with a smile, "Uh oh!" Then she saw my empty cup on the counter.
Our conversation went like this:
Barista: You need a refill? It's only fifty-four cents!
Me: Oh, really? No, I'll pay for the whole thing!
Barista: You must've been thirsty! No! Really! Refills are only fifty-four cents.
Me: Welllll...I am! But I...(interrupted)
Barista: Oh no! Did your little guy spill it?
Me: As wild and crazy as he was in here, one might think that he did, but actually, I spilled it.
Barista: Oh! Well! Then, it's FREE!
Me: Seriously?
Barista: Oh, SURE! Oopses happen! Yeah, there won't be any charge.
Me: Wow! That is awesome! But seriously, I'll pay for another drink.
Barista: (laughingly) You had a Passion Shower?
Me: Yeah, actually! I guess I did! It was quite refreshing.
Yay for Starbucks' "Oopses Happen Policy"

Friday, May 1, 2009

Weenie Roast

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day. I'd promised the kids we'd have a fire and roast hot dogs and make S'mores. We started the fire at 6:00 which turned out to be the PERFECT time.

Yum! Plenty of food for everyone!

Cory and Kaitie Snuggle...just moments before they broke that chair.

Quincy watches "Smoke Signals."

Roasting weenies over the open flame.

The view from my chair....

We had a really good time making memories with friends and all because we had to make dinner.

We might as well make it fun!

This was just the first of many fires in the Tiki Lounge this season. I wish all my kids would let me take pictures of them. Ryan HATES pictures of him and REALLY hates that when I get one, I might post it here.....Well, today is his birthday. He better let me have a few pictures of him tonight at his dinner party.