Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

My beautiful Daughter, Kaitlyn, turned 16 last week. I was between computers and have just now finally had time to share some of the pictures with you here. Her friends and I all worked together and in less than 24 hours, we created a fun, little surprise party for her.

Kaitlyn wears the silly birthday crown I made for her! She didn't wear it long because she said it made her ears stick out.

We gathered 'round the good stuff!

Kaitlyn and Siv met when they were in preschool at the tender age of two! They've been friends ever since. We invited Siv to Kait's third birthday party. In one of the pictures, you see Siv taking a big inhale because she is ready to blow out the candles. Kaitlyn was too slow and Siv got the candles. Kaitlyn turned around and glared at Siv. So what you see in this picture is a slightly hilarious re-enactment.

I made a few tissue paper flowers for decorations....Amanda decided they looked better on Kaitlyn's head!

Look at all those BEAUTFUL smiles!

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