Monday, December 6, 2010

Still Alive!

Yes! I am still alive!

This weekend, I got a sweet reminder from a sweet friend. It was something like this: "Just a friendly reminder that you haven't updated your blog in about a month."

I put my phone down and said, "REALLY?!?!?"

Sure as the world! I looked at my blog and she was right! I tried to update this weekend, but time just keeps slipping faster and faster.

I've been keeping myself very busy with keeping up with demands from the everyday schedule and this year, too, I challenged myself to hand knit stockings for every one in the family. WOW! I am happy to say, I just got Quincy's stocking off the needles this morning. I just have one more stocking to knit for Amanda's beau and then that project will be complete. I am very happy to have met the challenge. I love seeing all those stocking lined up in a row like that. All the different colors that each kid chose. They selected the stripes and solid patterns, too. Quincy's has ended up being everyone's favorite...I tried to get him to trade me. He said he would at first, then when he saw his cute little stripy stocking progressing, he decided that he just needed to keep it for himself. His is the one on the far right.

Thank you, sweet girl, for your gentle reminder. I really do miss this space and will keep coming back. I promise.


fishyfishyfishy said...

yay! Love your stockings! I might just have to come see them in person ;) and glad you finally updated your blog! hehehe

Shelinwa said...

OOOH Kel these are sooo cool!!!! Love your talent!!