Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scenes From a Coffee Shop

We've decided this is a neat little place. They offer a warm, safe, cozy environment to have a cup of coffee, meet a client, treat a friend, or just linger. Kait does quite well with our weekly visits here. She listens to her headphones and get her assignments done. Me? Well, I play with photos and various softwares, I send text messages, I check my email, I visit with the baristas or the patrons. I need to focus! Ha!

I just love the little cardstock cutouts of little jovial mice on the walls. The touch of whimsy is fun. See ya next week at Grumpy's!

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Danielle said...

That was so fun! Can't wait to do it again! They're having corned beef and cabbage today at the Warhorse. About the only way I'll get corned beef and cabbage is by going out for lunch - no one wants it here! :( Happy St. Patty's Day Kelly!