Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Java Venus Is Alive!

Poor Ryan! He had a minor surgery on his hand today. While we were in Castle Rock, I convinced him that I needed to make a quick pass through The Barn. There is always soooo much eye-candy there. I was sure I could go through and window shop in less than....well....a certain increment of time. I strolled through at a much quicker than usual pace. I really was trying to be mindful of my son who waited in the car for me.

I made a quick and small purchase of a vintage book and had a quick conversation with the cashier about my purse and how she thinks I look like a celebrity she remembered from her youth. I giggled and walked out the door.

Tonight when I was scanning through the cell phone snaps I had collected during my perusing all those lovely booths, I held my phone out so Ryan could see the screen displaying the lovely chandelier. I knew he would have no interest in the photograph. I said, "See what you missed, Ryan?" He said in a sarcastic tone, "Oh sure! I sure missed out....on....a....lot."

He had a pain in his hand and missed out on all the lovely pretties......poor fella!

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fishyfishyfishy said...

aww poor ry! why did he have surgery on his hand?