Monday, July 9, 2012

25 Things

I see these lists everywhere. I decided I wanted to give this style of blogging a try because I have been so distracted lately and haven't been able to log in as often as I would choose. So here we go.

1. I love thrifting. While all of my personal affects are still safely packed away in storage crates somewhere in Kansas, I have managed to piece together a lovely work station for doing homework. I found a lovely stained glass lamp and a comfortable red chair and another little table for my printer/scanner. Super affordable and I like the way it all looks together.

2. I live right across the street from the Farmer's Market. Every Sunday, the main street in town here gets blocked off so vendors can sell their wares. It's fun. It's festive.

3. I am glad to be back in Colorado so I can watch as my daughter's baby bump grows.

4. We have less than 5 weeks to eagerly anticipate the arrival of our newest little family member.

5. I am knitting a lovely baby blanket.

6. Jitter loves that work in progress and has already made a few snags in the blanket. I cut his claws short so that can't happen.

7. Amanda came for a visit today. She brought our mail to us. There was a package from Karen. She sent me some lovely clothes and adorable sleepers for Tatum to wear.

8. Kaitlyn is coming for a visit today, too. She should be here sometime after lunch. It will be good to see her!

9. Today, the weather is cool and cloudy. The same as it was yesterday and the day before. This is a very welcomed change from the extremely high temperatures we were having.

10. I love cloudy and rainy days.

11. The kids went to the store this morning and bought some Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies. I ate two and really wish I hadn't. I am allergic to wheat and am now paying the price. Boooo!

12. I got to go to knit night with my knitting buddy, Rose, last week. It was so fun to go and hang out with the girls. It was even better to be remembered by all my fellow knitters. They all asked to see a picture of my wedding dress. I crocheted it while I sat next to a lot of them, but the never got to see the finished product. I will need to remember to load a few of the photos onto my phone so I can share it with them this week.

13. I am planning a baby shower for my daughter. It will be a lot of fun. I am starting to get RSVP calls. It is so exciting!

14. Last week was the beginning of a whole new session at school. I had gotten distracted and thrown off course and fell behind. I worked really hard for three days in a row and got all of my school work caught up. I am so relieved and happy.

15. It was so dry here in Colorado over the 4th of July that most every fireworks display was cancelled due to extreme fire danger. It was a little strange.

16. I miss shopping at Trader Joe's. We used to make a trip to Trader Joe's once per month when I lived in Kansas. Ryan and I would drive to Kansas City, Missouri for his Orthodontic appointments. But now that he is finished with braces and we don't live there, we don't go. I know were are supposed to be getting a Trader Joe's soon, but until then, I do miss it....which kind of surprises me.

17. I started crocheting a lace scarf called an Alpine Frost. It is made with laceweight yarn. The first three rows are beautiful I can't wait to have it finished. It will be so pretty and warm this Fall and Winter.

18. I am using my gorgeous ladybug crochet hooks designed by Heather Rhodes to make the Alpine Frost scarf. They are gorgeous polymer clay handles that add a bit of girth to the handles and texture that make holding a crochet hook for extended periods of time more comfortable...and a whole lot more fun. I am thrilled with her ladybug design, too!

19. Coming up with 25 things to write about is really a bit of a challenge. I really thought it would be a piece of cake! It's a challenge.

20. All of the men went fishing yesterday. All together, they caught 33 fish. They released them all back into the water though.

21. My graduation is inching closer and closer. I am really starting to feel excited. my classes are getting more and more challenging and I am beginning to feel like a real designer.

22. I slept later today than I have in a long time. I slept until 9:30. I usually wake up at 6:00. I get out of bed right away to enjoy a little quiet time before everyone wakes up.

23. I need some more coffee. My cup is almost empty.

24. Yay! I am almost to 25 and then I can refill my coffee cup and then go take a shower to get ready for Kaitlyn to come visit.

25. Yay! I did it! I found 25 random things to write about. That last one seemes like it shouldn't I will tell you that the kids and I walked around the lake in Parker last week. We dipped our feet in the water. It was refreshing and good to spend time together.


Tara Denny said...

Lovely list and photos! I found you through Liberate your Art. Hope you have a great day! Stop by my blog too if you'd like,

Congrats on the impending addition to your family.


fishyfishyfishy said...

are you sure they didn't just catch the same fish 33 times? lol. Love your crochet hooks! I never got very good at crocheting myself so now im jealous :P less than 5 weeks! uh oh, i better get working on our baby gift for Tatum, i haven't even scoped out the craft store yet eeek! oh and put down an RSVP for Matt and Me! (Stevens name was on the envelope too but he says he doesn't do baby showers) :P