Friday, November 14, 2008


We awoke this morning to find mama nature had given us a little gift. That's right! It was snowing. What a beautiful sight. When I realized that I had to get out in it, that beautiful gift felt like more of a curse. After two trips to the high school, one failed trip to the post office and one successful trip to the post office and one trip to drop Amanda off at work, I was more than ready for a steaming hot cup of STRONG coffee.

I was out and about a few days ago and saw somewhere that we had 45 days until Christmas. I looked at that and stopped dead in my tracks! "WHAT?!?" I thought, "Wait a minute! I haven't even decided on a card design yet! How can this be? I need more time! I'm not ready for the Holiday Season!" A couple of the radio stations started playing Christmas music today. After the snowfall and a little dose of Christmas music, I think I could easily be ready soon. I guess I don't have much choice! Like it or not, the rush is quickly about to begin...or has it already?

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Yarni Gras! said...

your photos are amazing. We all love snow too....too bad we live in South Louisiana!

ps ..have you sent your apron? Your old email addy isn't working! yikes!