Monday, November 17, 2008

I found my desk!

I am so happy and proud to have found my desk. It was piled high laundry that needed to be put away, and papers and magazines I wanted to keep but hadn't found a home yet and other assorted stuff.

...and from the looks of it, I kinda like pens! I love this little duckie, too. Press her wing and she QUACKS!


Katie said...

I need to clean my desk as well. Mine is horrible! What a cute duck!!!!

JC said...

I am proud of you. Can you send some motivation my way. I have a entire house to clean before my In Laws get here. Ugh.. There just aren't enough hours in a day.

Java Venus said...

It took me a while to find the motivation, too. My kids even pattedme on the back when after day two, it was still clean! LOL