Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Father Christmas

Quincy really wanted to go see Santa at the mall. It finally worked into the schedule that we go pay the jolly, old elf a little visit.
I wasn't too sure how Q would react as he tends to get really bashful a lot and doesn't say a peep to folks. But we stood in line for about twenty minutes. When Santa's helper came over and let us through the velvet ropes, she told me that if I opted to not order one of their photo packages and instead wanted to take my own, I would be allowed only ONE shot. I was a little miffed about that......pffffffft! When Quincy was allowed to visit with Santa, I snapped as many photos as I could. Thankfully, there were no Santa Photo Police who came to make me delete my digital photos.
Amanda, Ryan, Quincy and I hung out for a little while at the mall to enjoy some Christmas Shoping Frenzy energy, lights, smells and...even the crowds. Before too long, though, we had to give into our grumbly tummies...and we left to find a value menu anywhere nearby.
Amanda was sooooo thrilled. After tonight, her shopping challenges have all been met. She is done. Lucky girl!


JC said...

Looks like fun. Great pic as usual!

Idearrhea said...

I love your eye Kelly... the angles and depths you create. You've such a gift... and you ARE such a gift. Every night I thank the stars for you. Now and forever yours love... RAW