Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday Lights

Quincy loved seeing the lights!

Kaitie met up with her girlfriend from school!


Last night, Kaitie, Quincy and I headed into downtown Denver to see the lights on the Denver and City County Building. Each year, this spectacular display of lights delights and amazes many.
Usually, I feel too afraid to drive into Denver by myself. I wouldn never do this without another adult. Kaitlyn really wanted to go out and do something fun. She really was the push behind going. After doing this, I feel so empowered. I am really glad we went.
We got such a late start and had a tough time finding a legal parking spot, we missed the parade of lights last night. Our plan is to go again tonight to see the parade. Now I know where to park, I feel a little more confident.


A bird in the hand said...

What fabulous color! You all had a great time -- it shows! xoxo

JC said...

How Fun! It is always so beautiful there. Doesn't even seem like Christmas this yr.