Friday, May 1, 2009

Weenie Roast

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day. I'd promised the kids we'd have a fire and roast hot dogs and make S'mores. We started the fire at 6:00 which turned out to be the PERFECT time.

Yum! Plenty of food for everyone!

Cory and Kaitie Snuggle...just moments before they broke that chair.

Quincy watches "Smoke Signals."

Roasting weenies over the open flame.

The view from my chair....

We had a really good time making memories with friends and all because we had to make dinner.

We might as well make it fun!

This was just the first of many fires in the Tiki Lounge this season. I wish all my kids would let me take pictures of them. Ryan HATES pictures of him and REALLY hates that when I get one, I might post it here.....Well, today is his birthday. He better let me have a few pictures of him tonight at his dinner party.

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Yarni Gras! said...

yeah for weenie roasts! the ONLY way to eat a hot dog! :-)