Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just Ducky!

The weather today was cold and rainy. The temperature is currently 41F, but the windchill is 32F and we have 82% humidity. This is, as you know, my favorite kind of weather...for about three consecutive days is my limit. Then you'll hear me whine about missing the sunshine!

Today, I got out for a few minutes with my camera. I collected a few little images from around my yard. I'm sad to see the Bleeding Hearts expire. I think they are one of my garden favorites. Oh! I just love this happy little gnome. Okay, so maybe he isn't really smiling, but I think he is happy.

I've got a few big things to which I am looking forward. I will reveal them here in blogland very soon!


Yarni Gras! said...

he must be happy, he's carrying a TOADSTOOL! I love bleeding hearts but they don't do well here so I just ooh and aah over other people's photos of them :-)

Leah said...

Hi Kelly!

I just tried to email you, but it bounced and I got an error message saying that your email provider wasn't accepting email at your address.

Gorgeous pictures, by the way!!

-Leah, Creative Every Day