Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reflections of Horseshoe Bay

I love this image. We sat outdoors in the sunshine. We enjoyed each other's company. I looked up and really liked the scene into store's window and loved all the light play. I poised my camera and just as I shot the image, Shelly peeked into the window, too, to see what I was shooting. The timing was impeccable!

This was our first coffee shop (Starbucks) stop on our way to Whistler, B.C. Horseshoe Bay is a gorgeous, touristy place aptly named for the shape of the bay. It reminded me some of the town where I grew up.

There were five women travelling together in Loretta's car. It was a tight squeeze, but Loretta is the master...er...uhm....maybe she is the Mistress of packing lots of stuff into a tight space.

I kept a journal...a paper journal during this trip...a pink moleskine, of course! I asked each of my traveling companions to make contributions into this journal during coffee stops. They complied. Now I have little writings from each of them in their own handwriting.

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