Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday, In the Yard

Aside from taking Kaitlyn to the airport this morning to go on a week-long excursion to visit a childhood friend, today was a mostly homebody day. I puttered around in the yard, mostly, and got a few weeds pulled, a lot of the plants watered, the pool has finished filling and is almost ready for swimming.
I'm a little discouraged by the mosquitoes out there. They don't seem to care what time of day it is they feed or how hot it is. They just want to eat and eat and eat all. day. long. We've polished off a bottle of bug repellant in not time at all. When we tried to replenish our supply, the store was out of all sprays that are supposed to repel them..With them being so prolific and persistent, it makes it uncomfortable to be out in the yard for too long.
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend...without have to have a blood transfusion after your fun in the sun! hee hee!

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Yarni Gras! said...

your flowers are LOVELY! Your photos certainly do them justice. I take awful photos! HA!
Good luck with the 'skee-toes'....they drive us nuts too. We sit outside until dusk and then make a mad dash for the door!