Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wintery Blues

With sub-zero temperatures freezing our nosehairs together inside our nostrils and warm, woolen mittens merely slowing Jack Frost a bit, we quickly understood the meaning of the words arctic blast. But when the sun came out, I was awed by how a little amber glow could change the way things look.
New beginnings can be so many things. They can be sad, frightening or amazing. At the beginning of this new year, I am feeling a little bit of all of those things.
I feel sad for what was. I feel excited for what will be.
I will celebrate a milestone birthday this year and that as me thinking a lot about a lot!
In 2009, I:
  • made three long roadtrips, alone, (well, with Quincy!)
  • three of my five kids started Orthodontic treatment
  • got my passport
  • travelled to Canada with my long-time friend, Shelly and her parents
  • got a new-to-me-car
  • got engaged
  • finished to flooring in my kitchen
  • made several new quilts
  • completed knitted bedcovers for my kids
  • learned to knit socks
  • scored some really cool thrifted items
  • officially launched my Etsy site
  • enjoyed several holiday events

Of course, these are not my only accomplishments...nor are they necessarily my greatest accomplishments. They are memorable. I look forward to this year and the new twists and turns I may encounter along the way. I know some will be HUGE! And some will be meaningless. I do hope they are memorable and that I learn something from each experience.

Thank you for reading!


Ms. Java


JC said...

Finally an update. I have been missin ya. I love the picture of the cold. 70's here. I am also celebrting a milestone bday. Was kind of hoping you might be able to make it for my party. I will call you with more Details.. Love ya

Shelinwa said...

aaah so happy to see you here again. Cool winter pics. Nice to see as we have not had smpw yet.