Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some Random Thoughts


  • my mother came over for coffee
  • i sat in the very cold wind to watch Kait play soccer...it was miserable
  • i bought a large storage container to store my weekly amounts of bread dough
  • i read 7 storybooks for Quincy at bedtime...
  • i made a short list of art supplies i need to get during my next outing
  • i cursed my hair and can't wait to get it cut by Katie this weekend.
  • i wished for a new wardrobe

  • I'm having coffee with my neighbor
  • I will send of those pesky tax documents
  • I will wish for a new wardrobe
  • I will eagerly anticipate my new hair
  • I will hope my spool pins for my sewing machine will be in the mail
  • I will work on crocheting a little more on my wedding dress

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