Sunday, June 27, 2010

To Die For

It's just not fair! Is it, girls? The little boys always seem to get the gorgeous lashes!


Jacqueline said...

This little boy is soo adorable!! My 2 little brothers have gorgeous leshes too! Mine is just really short lol Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


Judy Goddard said...

Hi Java.


We own a farm in Manchester. We've lived here since 1996.

We used to dream about living in CO!

Your photos are very good. I hope you feel successful.

I just commented on your clowd photo on Java Moon. It's a great shot!

Have a great Sunday. Church, Pizza Party to celebrate a couple's 60th wedding anniversary and crawling into the AC and staying there! Aweful hot and muggy here, as usual!


Java Venus said...

Hi, Judy!! Thank you for stopping by and taking a peek here. Thank you for your kind words and yes, I do feel successful (some days! Isn't that how it goes with us artists?) I hope you'll come back!

One thing I remember about New Jersey is YES, it is so very hot and muggy there.

Mandy said...

this photo is so beautiful...and you are so right about the

dancingmatilda365 said...

that's because they can't use mascara lol. just stopping by on the august break!