Friday, October 17, 2008

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Yesterday, I awoke at the perfect moment to see my bedroom flooded with the most beautiful amber light. I grabbed my camera phone and snapped a shot of it on that camera and went to get my "good camera," but much to my sadness, the light had already changed so much, that it felt as though the magic was gone. I was happy to have at least gotten in on my camera phone.

This morning, I was given that gift of beautiful morning light filtering through my lace curtains...yet again! I saw my camera next to my bed. I reached out, picked it up, rolled back over, poised my heavy camera and composed this shot from the comfort of my So there may not be a lot of technical merit here, but I just felt so happy in my bones that I was given the gift of the light in its brevity once again .... and that I was able to capture it to remember how happy and lucky I am.

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