Friday, October 10, 2008

Old Truck

While mom and I were daytripping through the Rocky Mountains last week, we happened upon this rusty old truck. I told her to stop and go back! I really wanted to photograph it, but it was on private property. As I walked up to the driveway, I quickly made up a story that would allow for photographs of someone's old truck. There is a for sale sign in the window. So, if anyone had a problem with my being there, I'd tell them I wanted to take the photos back to my step-dad who was looking for a truck like this.

In truth, for a long time, I have wanted an old truck like this. Well, what I really want is one more like the old "bubble trucks" is what I like to call them. You know...the ones with the bubble fenders on all four wheels. I just love old things. I love the stories. I love to think of how things used to be.

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kaitlyn wilsey said...

i love this picture, and the blog, too. i like the part about how it makes you think of how things used to be.

i love you dude.