Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Long Time Gone

It feels like forever since I've been here. HAS been forever. I was blogging many times per week and then down to nothing. I think my creative muse was suffering a slight blockage. There were things about which I was feeling extremely creative and managed to still create, but not at the same levels.

In the time that I have been gone, I found a winner of my quiltie for the One World, One Heart blogging event. Her name is Diana. I need to sift through all the e-mails and get her contact information and get this out to her. Now that the event is over, it will be a lot of fun to visit all the blogs that were registered.

Every so often, I have this need to touch fabrics (and or yarns). I managed to squeeze in a tiny little jaunt to the quilting store in Castle Rock yesterday. The fabrics in the accompanying photo are the haul: ten fat quarters and 5 fat eighths. I don't really have a plan for them yet, but soon....very soon they will be come a part of something wonderful. I'm not sure yet just what. :)

In the past couple of weeks, I also benefitted from a few sessions of retail therapy. I picked up a new sewing book in which there are directions for a sweet scalloped edge table cloth. I saw some wonderfully cheerful birthday fabric at a Joann's fabric store and thought it might be fun to try to get one made for the upcoming march birthdays in our household. If I have time, I would like to create a new fabric birthday banner, too. We'll just have to see how much energy I REALLY have when the time comes. Gosh! The celebrations are quickly approaching. I guess I better get on it!

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Katie said...

Glad to see you back on here blogging. I check in on your blog almost everyday. I really enjoy looking at all of your wonderful pictures that you post! You take some amazing pictures and do some pretty fantastic crafts.