Saturday, February 28, 2009

Seeing GREEN!

His birthday is on Saint Patrick's Day. He will be four. He is practicing holding up four fingers on his little hands. He's made a wish list...and has even requested cupcakes on his special day.
I wanted to knit another sweater for him to wear on his special day.
Everything lined up for a special birthday sweater...why not make it GREEN! My skills and confidence were stronger during the knitting of this sweater and I really enjoyed it.
The best part is...this picture was the result of Quincy putting the sweater on and buttoning it up all by himself. Capturing the photo was the most difficult part of this post! How 'bout THAT?!?

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Katie said...

What a wonderful sweater. You do amazing work. Way to go!! I wish I had half of the creativity that you do! Q is soo cute and getting so big. Where in the heck does the time go?