Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Little Outing

The sun shone brightly today, yet the air was still crisp from the lingering winter.

Quincy and I decided to get out and about for a bit. We headed to the Castlewood Canyon State Park to which I had a daily pass, but alas, upon our arrival, the park had already closed for the day. I drove to the entrance on the north side of the park and we were able to drive through. We weren't able to stop and park.

We marveled at all the beauty we saw. I pointed out points of interest to Quincy. We drove to the end of the road and had to turn for another direction. We drove to the highway. As we drove, Quincy looked out the window and saw the shadow of our van out in the fields beside us. He giggled and pointed it out to me. So I showed him that we could also see shadows waving back at us if we waved to them! We giggled all the way to Franktown.

Happiness is .... waving at our shadows in the weeds with my three-year-old son.

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Diana said...

YAY! I won! thank you for searching for me. Your heart quiltie is darling. I can't wait to hang it in my studio. I love fabric hangings. Love the colors and textures. I'm so excited. I can't find your email. If you email me at dianas2743 @ hotmail dot com I will send you my home address. thank you for picking my name.