Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun With Physics

Tonight, I arrived home feeling famished. I was eager to get my dinner cooked and eaten.
My cell phone rang. It was my neighbor. She explained that she was at bible study and the girls there were so excited about this once-in-90-years gravitational pull of the earth and ..... thing. She told me that it was the only day we could balance a broom on its bristles.
Curiously, I turned around, grabbed my extremely battered broom from its corner. I tried to balance it with no luck. She told me she didn't have a camera phone or she would send me a picture. I tried a couple of more times to balance my broom. I gave up quickly because I was still making dinner for the kids and myself. The kids took over the broom balancing. They couldn't balance the broom, either. Then, one of them had the idea to try to balance an egg on its end. That only took about 45 seconds for Amanda to accomplish. The egg soon rolled to its side. She balanced the egg again. I ran to get my camera. I just knew this was going to make an amazing blog entry!
The kids and I were happily snapping away and then I challenged them: "Let's try three eggs,!"
Amanda got two more eggs from the refrigerator and started to balance the eggs.
Eventually, after a lot of attempts, we did end up with 4 eggs standing on end. I captured some fun images. We ate dinner and then we researched broom balancing and egg balancing. Somewhat disappointed, we discovered that these feats can be done any day of the week, at any hour of the day.
Our little lesson in Physics was fun and I still think it makes for a neat blog entry! OH...and we did finally get the broom balanced, too!

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A bird in the hand said...

Yes, but it made for a beautiful photo! Please put a link on your blog to your Etsy shop :-)