Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello, November!

It's here! November!

Just 53 shopping days left now til Christmas. Crazy, isn't it? I always say the holiday season starts right after Halloween, because it all just seems to blur together in a swish of evergreen boughs and holly berries...mixed in with a few Ho Ho Ho's!

I'm feeling shifts of energies in my life...some are really good and some promote feelings of sadness. I suppose it's just all part of life: growing, learning, expanding, searching, more learning. These shifts are really forcing me to search inward (and outward) to make me a better ME! I am really proud of myself for all the things I have done. For all the things I am doing and all of the wonderful things I am planning to do.

Here's to change...the only constant we really have!

Wishing you a superbly, wonderful November!

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