Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ahhhh, Summer!

I really love summer. I love to run around barefoot, with capris and sleeveless tops. I love the smell of sunscreen and how the world smells after a good rain shower.

This summer has been a really good year for my hollyhocks. They're just really big and fluffy and perfectly pink and beautiful. I did not even try to grow vegetables this summer. I knew I would be too distracted. I did not even want to try! I bought a few annuals and really focused on my perennials.

Tonight, I got home and sat on my garden swing until the mosquitoes found me. Let me tell you: That was not long at all! I saw a few hummingbirds at the feeders which prompted me to run inside to get my long lens. I got back and sat patiently for about ten minutes hoping one would come by....but I was not so lucky. It was as if thy were playing coy I was pretty disappointed, actually. as the light was gorgeous. I will just have to try again.


A bird in the hand said...

This photo is most gorgeous!
Will you put it in your shop??


Java Venus said...

What a splendid idea!!!