Wednesday, November 16, 2011


It might be time for another short list of five things for which I feel grateful:

computers and gadgets with which to "Geek out"
holiday music
sweet, little snow flurries that set my heart a-flutter!

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kaitlynwilsey said...

you once told me to never let ME lose ME...blogging is something i know makes you so, so happy. don't give it up. don't give anything up that makes you happy. i know you're sad, i know life's thrown you some curves...but don't let it get you down. you just CAN'T. God knew he could put you in this position cause he trusts that you can handle it. trust his trust for you. it will get you so much farther than you think. believe. believe in yourself. believe in the one who believes in you. all things are possible to she who believes. i know it seems like a dark blanket, impossible to see through and so much more troublesome. but i promise you, when you start to believe, you will see the darkness can be lifted like a feather as easily as telling yourself it will be okay. there's only few things you need to remember in this life to get by day to day reasonably happy, yet we tend to forget them too easily. just start by remembering, "it will all be okay. everything is going to be okay, i CAN be happy if i WANT to be happy" and the rest will follow. good luck, i, along with many others love you...we can't wait to see the strong, wise woman shine her light on us again. we all believe in you. you can do this. just like everyone else. don't convince yourself no one is here. notice we're here cheering you on cause we can't literally save you even if we wanted to. even if we dove in face first to catch you. only you can save you. and we know you can. "the answers are inside you. i promise"