Thursday, November 3, 2011

Violent Thunder

It's quiet.
It's dark.
I feel alone
...and deeply sad.
The words: "He's gone." boom through my heart and head violent thunder.
I feel those rumblings all throughout my body...this is excruciating.


Shelinwa said...

What a great picture of your dad!!! Love you and your family.

Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

Kelly, I saw your post on the Flying Lessons page. I'm so sorry you lost your dad. Right now, I imagine you're gathered with family, honoring his life at the memorial service, and wondering how you'll get through this. I was right where you stand one month dad's memorial service was 10-10, your dad's is on 11-11. It totally sucks. Cancer is awful. And to suddenly feel fatherless, even if you trust he is with you in spirit, leaves such a hole in your heart. I, too, have written about my dad on my blog this past month; maybe some of the posts will help you, I don't know. Just know I'm wrapping you in love & light as you adjust to this "new normal" in your life.

With Love, Liv