Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Bug In Your Ear

Life is funny, isn't it? Just when you think you have it all figured out, someone goes and changes the rules! The important thing is to not let that last bit trip you up too much. At least, that is what I have discovered.

I have a week left in this place I call my home. I have a whole list of little adventures I had hoped to make before I left. But now with all the to-do lists growing longer and and the countdown clock getting closer to lift-off, I am beginning to embrace the fact that some of these adventures will have to be left undone. And that is okay.

I am ready to go back home.

I am ready to put down roots again.

I am ready to begin this new chapter in my life.

Three times this week I have been talking with various friends on the phone and have used the idiom "putting a bug in your ear" I catch myself each time and let out a grand guffaw. Why? Well, Sunday night, I finished up my homework and closed my laptop, set it on the floor and rolled over, closed my eyes and quickly drifted off to the land of nod. I was awakened by an insect which had ventured into my left ear. I heard a loud noise and I knew exactly what it was! I could hear its footsteps as though it was tap dancing on my ear drum. I had no idea how big or small the bug was. I was afraid to try to put my finger in my ear for fear I would push it further into my ear.

I tore out of bed and shook my head and the bug wiggled and continued tap dancing. I knew I was going to need a doctor's help to get this remedied. Excitedly, I convinced my husband he needed to take me to urgent care right now.

Needless to say, he was not at all amused by this rude awakening. But really, would you be able to rest knowing there was a bug...a real live, six-legged and possibly even winged creepy bug inside your head?

We went downstairs to get our shoes on to leave and I was pretty certain I felt the bug walk out of my ear. After that, I didn't hear the the tiny foot steps.

Once I had calmed down and decided a trip to urgent care was no longer in order, I crawled back into bed. This time I pulled the covers up over my ears.

Needless to say, I hear that phrase and it has a whole new meaning to me!


Anonymous said...

Your post made me smile: ). Last night my husband was complaining of a co-worker who uses the phrase "bug in your ear" with every client he calls. He hears this phrase 100 times a day. He said to me, " what potential client wants a BUG in their ear? How about a reminder?". I'm thinking you might agree? Good luck with your move! I'm in the thick of it too, so you have my sympathies!!!

Veronica Armstrong said...

This is awesome yet absolutely creepy. Thats like my worst fear. omg.

chaton de luxe said...

Hello Kelly I saw on the facebook group you had a new post up. I really like the way you write, it made me smile!