Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Postage Stamp Quilt Update

Well, I have to say: This has been a much bigger project than I thought it would be before I started. I knew I wanted a postage stamp quilt....and I knew that I wanted lots of different fabrics for that perfectly scrappy look I love....there are 76 different fabrics used...so far. It took me two days of cutting with my rotary cutter and straight edge.

I decided on how big I needed my quilt. Then did the math to figure out how many squares I needed. I came up with 1,444 squares. I went ahead and cut 1500 to make sure that if I needed to, I could change them out. And with the squares leftover, I plan to make a toss pillow to co-ordinate. As I cut out the fabrics, I diligently marked them on this sheet of paper. I was soooo happy to finally reach ZERO! The stacks of fabrics reminded me of poker chips!

I laid out all the stacks of different fabrics and started sewing them together in random fashion in groups of two. Then put them into a basket. Once all the squares were paired, I put them into 38 stacks of nineteen groups of twos. WOW! My neck and back were really starting to feel tense by this point.

38 stacks of nineteen two's......and a whole lotta coffee!

There's my Q-Man....hiding behind the strips that hung in the window. Do you see him?

I really kinda liked this shot. It shows all the fun, bright, cheerful colors. I think I'll really be happy with this quilt!


JC said...

Looks gorgeous.... Too much work for me though... I would love a quilt for those cold nights of 40's...lol

JudyK said...

I would be cross eyed after that! It's a great picture!