Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tag! You're IT!

My minivan is getting old and tired. It's giving me fits. I took it into the shop today. I checked in at the front desk. I looked around and saw one chair near the door. It was a nicer front office for an auto mechanic shop, but I worried how long I'd have to sit and wait while the guys ran the scan on my sickly set of wheels. Jim offered, "Ma'am? There's a really nice waiting room upstairs if you'd like to go on up." I told him Thank you and began to climb the stairs.
When we reached the top of the stairs, I was quite surprised! The spacious room was decorated in a cowboy theme, complete with white leather sofa, arm chair and ottoman. There was a small child's sized table with two chairs, two stick horses and a corner shelf stocked full of fun toys and videos for the kiddos. "WOW," I thought to myself: "This IS a nice waiting room!" I found the refreshments table! There was a water cooler/heater and a basket of coffees, creamers, sugars and swizzle sticks. I said out loud, "COFFEE??!?! Twist my arm and make it hurt!" Then helped myself to a hot, instant cuppa!
Quincy played contentedly with a stick horse that made galloping sounds with the squeeze of one ear and whinnied with the squeeze of his other ear.
Happy to have the place all to ourselves, I decided to send my friend, Shelly, a coffee tag! I pulled out my cell phone and got right to work with being creative!
What is coffee tag you ask? Well, it's a picture texting game Shelly and I have played for quite a while with one another. We use our cell phones to take pictures of our coffee cups daily. It lets the other know we're thinking of them. Not to mention, it's a fun way to start the morning and help to get the creative juices flowing. When I got home today, I made a few minor edits to mine and decided I liked enough I wanted to share it here.
Not bad for a camera phone, eh?

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