Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So, the kids have returned to school. Today was a red day for the high schoolers. I am perplexed at how the kids keep it all straight. When I was in high school, we had the same classes every day...there was no block schedule...no red day/white day insanity to add to the stress of teenage life. The kids have started all new classes with the start of a brand new, fresh semester. I find it so hard to believe they are already half the way through this year. In just a few months, Ryan will be a SENIOR! Oh, DEAR!

Wow! That was a crazy realization. I think they were anxious about returning and starting back, but I think in all they were pretty glad to get back, too, and having some semblance of normal...or...routine.

The house was calm and peaceful this morning after 8 and it was wonderful.

I have a stack of fat quarters that is just calling out to me...dying to BE SOMETHING. I did resolve to make a few more quilts this year. So...I just might be ready to start cutting out the squares to start on the postage stamp quilt I've dreamed of making. The postage stamp quilt I've dreamed of is very piece-y and random with lots of different fabrics and colors. And I know I want to be able to use it on my bed which is a Queen size. The only thing I haven't decided yet is if I want to do a solid white or natural muslin color between each of the color blocks or just use straight colors. Maybe once I start actually cutting out the squares, I will have a better idea of what I want to do. For now, I know I need 1600 2.5 inch squares of fabric. Obviously, the more different types of fabric, the better the variety in the quilt top....gosh....it will take a few more fat quarters!! I'm really loving the light blue of a robin's eggshell. I think I'd like to use that in the borders and perhaps even the backing....ahhhh what fun it is to plan a quilt like this. I can't wait to be able to snuggle under it!

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