Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fuzzy Friends

Anthropologie is my all time favorite store in the mall! During a few of our prior visits there, Q had seen a display of these cute animals the sale room. Each time we go in there, Quincy is drawn to this floppy giraffe. The night we were in there, he kept tossing the toy giraffe around and asking would I please buy it...please...and the thing that finally got me to cave and let him adopt the giraffe was how Quincy told me "He listens to me, Mommy!" Quincy used his Christmas money and adopted the pink, floppy giraffe. Quincy told me the giraffe has his same name. Amused, Kaitlyn asked..." you like your name?" He said, "Yep! And his is the same name!" And he gleefully tossed his floppy toy, Quincy up into the air.

When we passed by the mall's fountain, Quincy told me his Quincy loves to make wishes. I snickered to myself because my Quincy also loves to make wishes at the fountain.
That night, my Quincy had his jammies on and was sitting on the bed having a quiet moment with is giraffe, Quincy. I saw My Quincy following every zig and zag of Toy Quincy's mane tracing the velvety feature with his finger. I thought it was funny, because that was my favorite thing about the giraffe when he was sitting on the counter at the store waiting for the adoption to be finalized. Then, My Quincy turned the Toy Quincy around and looked at his face. My Quincy pushed the soft tufts away from the beady black eyes and he proclaimed with a giggle, "Awww! He's so cute!"

There is no buyer's remorse here!

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