Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An Outing

The lighting is fantastic!

If he tosses in a nickel, does that mean he gets five wishes?

He's pretty sure he DOES get five wishes. I wonder what he wished?

Tempting fate at the outdoor waterfall. He dipped the toe of his shoe into the water.

Even more temptation! Running on the rocks! No matter how much I threatened that he might fall in, he could not stop running.
TThis snap pretty much sums it all up. a trip to Starbucks, a trip to the bookstore and a recent purchase, sunshine, photographs, comfortable blue jeans, cell phone, relaxing, happy kid playing...
....life is good.

I just love falling water.....

...and shadow play....

I love Park Meadows Mall. I absolutely LOVE the lighting inside the mall. The light and the warm, rich wood and ironwork all play together really well for a treat for the eye. It really is a beautiful mall. I think not everyone goes there just to see the lighting...LOL

Sometimes, when I feel a need for inspiration, I love to just go there to hang out, get a coffee and people watch. Lately, though, I've had Little Bit in tow and his energy level is at an all-time high these days...he is constantly on high. His favorite thing is to make wishes at the water features. The water features in this mall are really lovely. They look like an outdoor setting. Well, one of the features IS outdoors in the open air part of the mall.

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