Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Littlest Fireman

Feeling sort of down-in-the-dumps, trying to work through some awful stinkin' thinkin' and feelings of not belonging. I took my paper journal out to my sacred spot in the garden to write for a while and to just be until I felt better.

I heard a muffled scuffling noise. I turned to see what it was and found that Quincy had put on his fireman pants and was dragging his fireman coat on the sidewalk with his every other pace. The look on his face was already communicating to me an intense need. I asked him, "Whatch'a doin'?"

"I wanna put on my fireman suit! I need help with dis," he told me.

I took the heavy play coat and helped wrap it around his little body. Then he turned to me and told me..."Well, I want to wip it up, too." (He doesn't pronounce his z's very well.)

I helped him put the zipper together so he could fasten the two sides of the coat together.

When the pull reached his chin, he smiled at me and I knew....

I do belong......right here.

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