Monday, June 9, 2008

Shy? Me??

I've blogged before!

There is no reason I should feel shy about blogging here on blogspot. It really isn't any different from livejournal, myspace or yahoo 360! I'm a seasoned fact, I sometimes wonder if I am ..... dare I say it? "addicted"

I wanted this to be mostly for a creative spot in my world where I can talk about my creative endeavors. A place to kick around ideas and be inspired. I am looking for a sense of community as well as self expression...

Perhaps it is because this is all so new! It is completely uncharted territory for me as I have no idea how to make changes in the appearance of things here. My kids don't even know anything about this blogspace to help me learn! I am completely on my own!

Anyone out there who is friendly and willing to help out a newbie? I could sure use some coaching right about now! :)

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