Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Saturday Five

Fresh Doughnuts!
Cool Air
Herbs are Growing
Yard Sales
Found Treasures

Gosh! I can't decide if my favorite buy today was the red fabric with beads and glitter, the box of 12 skeins of Lion Brand Chenille yarn, or the Lyle Lovett "Pontiac" CD. I plan to transform the red piece of fabric into a skirt. It is the perfect red and the sparkles are just perfect, too. Not too big, not too flashy! Just enough to give a little glamorous glint. It was in the clearance bin and goodness knows I'm crazy for a clearance sale. I HATE to pay full price for anything. I am not different from any other bargain hound. I want to stretch my dollar just as far as I can, too!

The Chenille will become another shawl. I should have plenty to make a nice sized shawl. The yarn labels were still on the skeins. That stuff was originally 7 dollars per skein. And I swooped up the whole box for a mind-boggling 3 dollars! I feel very blessed about that! Moses really likes the chenille! I can't keep him OUT of it! Goofy Cat!

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