Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bumble BEEDS!

While in New Jersey, my cousins took us to Absecon to visit a little shopping village called Smithville. I found a little bead shop where I purchased these brightly colored lampwork beads. I haven't quite decided what to do with them yet, but I do know that each of my daughters and I will have a piece of jewelry of similar design. The orange bead is for Kait, the green bead is for 'Manda and the blue bead is for me.
Today, at the end of a shoot i did here at my house, Q was playing with the beads and was having a bit of fun. I decided to join him.


Katie said...


One of my good friends, makes those beads and also designs jewelry out of what she makes. She is wonderful at making things. I have tried to make things in her shop and couldnt do it. LOL! Anyways, those beads are beautiful! If you are ever looking for anymore, let me know and I can hook yall two up!!!!


Java Venus said...

Sure! I wonder if she has a website? Does she sell her stuff on the internet??

Katie said...

She does have a website. I am going to email her right now to find out what it is. I will pass it along to you.

Hope things are going well! I am updating my blog now. Tomorrow I will be adding some pics I took in Arkansas this weekend!