Saturday, August 9, 2008

Let Them Eat Cupcakes!

Today seemed like the perfect day to bake up a small batch of something yummy.

A while ago, my Dad and his girlfriend, Karen, sent us a Cupcake Kit...which turned out to be the perfect solution! So we pulled it out of the cupboard and got started.

Here is what was included in our kit: One bag of Vanilla Cupcake Mix, One bag of Vanilla Cupcake Icing, One pouch of Cupcake liners, and one bag of Cupcake Sprinkles.
Quincy sure had a great time helping to mix up the batter.

He REALLY wanted a taste of the batter. He was a good sport about waiting to lick the bowl and the spoon AFTER we'd filled the cupcake pan with what we needed. Actually, he kept telling me, "Mom! You're gonna use it ALL UP! I want some, too!"

Next, we lined each well of my antique muffin tin with a cute cup liner. The strange thing about this tin is that there are only ELEVEN wells. Whose idea was it to bake one less cupcakes than a dozen??? Whatever the reason, Q and I were having fun. And the unsual number made it easier to fill ALL the cupcake wells.

We then set the timer and placed the muffin tray into the oven....

Fifteen minutes later....and a little time allowed to cool and decorate....this was our finished product:



Patricia Weppler said...

Cute pictorial! I can't believe how big Quincy is!!! It seems like just yesterday when you announced your pregnancy. He is a very handsome boy!!!!

Java Venus said...

Thank you, Patricia! He has been a lot of fun and time really has flown....It boggles my mind sometimes!