Friday, September 12, 2008

The Aliens Have Landed!

Okay! So it isn't really an looks like one, though! Doesn't it!?
I was in the kitchen making a pot of coffee when Amanda walked up behind me and said, "Uh...Mom? You have a praying mantis on your back!" I knew that it was harmless to me. As I turned my back more to her, I said, "Well, get it off!"
She reached her hand up to the large, green insect. My hair was pulled up into a clip on the back of my head so my neck was exposed. I felt the big bug's feet on the skin of my neck...and that was when I felt the heebeejeebees set in ... quickly. Then I could feel it in my hair. I was afraid to try to find it myself because I didn't want to smoosh it in my I started shreiking!
After a little bit of excitement, Quincy joined in the fun. Once we had the bug in our hands, peace returned. We all took turns holding it and studying it. When we were through checking it out, I set it free in the flower garden.
Gosh! looking at this picture....I look like a hairy beast, eh?

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