Friday, September 12, 2008

For The Love Of Yarn

I finished up the halloween afghan I started last year. My sister and I were going to make them at the same time and have matching afghans. I didn't meet my halloween deadline and got tired of working on it last Fall. I packed it up in a basket and set it aside. I pulled it out recently and worked on it til it was finished. I like the color combination, but the little camera was set on vivid color and blew things out a little...but the pattern of the single crochet stitches makes a nice texture.

I had some leftover orange and green yarns. I used the green to make a basic little "Critter Hat" for Q. I need to photograph the finished hat and post it here. He loves the hat and it was a super easy knit project!

Earlier, I'd posted about how I was so excited that I'd signed up for a knitting class. Originally, I enrolled for a basic 101 type of class. But after I'd finished the scarf and hat, I decided 101 might be too basic. I upgraded my class to a sweaters class. I took my supply list shopping and used my birthday gift card to buy the needles and yarn. The instruction for the class would produce a sweater sized for a toddler. LUCKILY, I have a toddler! Since the sweater would be for Q, I allowed him to choose the color of the yarn. This was what he chose.

I think it is a lovely color. Sadly, the instructor called me and told me she had a family engagement from which she could not excuse herself ... and had to postpone the class to OCTOBER! YIKES!

What's a girl to DO?!?

Well, I'll tell you!

I grabbed a pattern for a sweater I tried to knit last year and just couldn't grasp and sat down with great determination.

This time, magically, the pattern made sense! I made the back of the sweater yesterday. I wasn't feeling well, so it was the perfect opportunity to just sit and concentrate on the sweater. Today, I made the front of the sweater. My kids are really proud of me. 'Manda was so impressed yesterday, she asked me to sit with her and teach her, too.
This is another toddler sized sweater. Q knows it's his. He told the kids when they got home, that it's a sweater! Mommy's making a sweater.
I was thinking ahead ... like Christmas and I asked Alex, "So...if I made you a sweater, would you wear it?" He wrinkled up his nose a little bit and told me, "Uh...well, I don't really like to wear sweaters."
OUCH!! least he was honest with me before I spent hours knitting and purling for a garment that woudln't get worn. Honestly? I want to make a sweater for myself ... eventually! Maybe after all the holiday crafting?

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