Monday, August 16, 2010

Attention, Class!

It is frightening to think back and realize just how quickly summer vanished! It seems like the kids were just starting to get excited about school being over and Ryan was getting ready to graduate from high school. And now, here we are kicking off a brand new school year. Kait is a junior in high school, Alex is a sevvie and Quincy is starting Kindergarten on Thursday. We celebrated with fresh-baked cinnamon rolls for breakfast and hugs and kisses all around!

I really liked this snap of the two older kids. Some, times, I really miss the old film photographs. You know the ones that our moms put into those practically dripping with chemicals PVC pockets that turned our baby photos a tell-tale orange? Oh! And let's not forget the sometimes delightful grain from the film! Okay, so this image isn't old enough to have the "aged characteristics"....but I love what they do for this image!

Hey, Kids! Here is to a STELLAR school year filled with lots and lots of A's! I love you guys and am so very proud of each and every one of you.

P.S. I signed up to play in Susannah Conway's August Break and have been so scatter brained, I finally remembered to mention this is one post for that challenge!


Shelinwa said...

aaaah cool pic where did the summer go huh.
Kayla starts the 30th.
Neat pic

Java Venus said...

Thanks, Shelly! Good luck and best wishes to Kayla for a good school year, too!