Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gratitude Five

If you live in our house, you will be given many wonderful pet names. I adore pet names. They exude endearment. My youngest child's name is Quincy. In his short five years of life, he's been called lots of sweet names: Pookie, Q, Q-Man, Q-Bert to name a few for starters. Since the first letter of his name was one, I slipped one day and called him Q.P. That quickly became Kewpie and Kewpie Doll.

Last week, during one of my sanity breaks, I stopped in to see my friends (and browse antiques) at The Carriage Shops here in town. I stopped in my tracks when I saw this wonderful little Kewpie Doll. I smiled and picked up the tiny plastic doll and knew immediately what I wanted to purchase.

I brought it home to show Quincy exactly what a Kewpie is. Naturally, being a five year old boy, he was not at all amused. I sat and studied the little doll for a short while and just had to giggle about the little airbrushed eyelashes. Both sets are going the same direction!

I really love vintage things. Especially the whimsical vintage things!

for my list of five:
  • Vintage treasures
  • a weekend with my man who just came home from hist third tour in Iraq
  • the invitations will go out in the mail tomorrow morning
  • UPS and FedEx delivery people
  • A very lovely GREEN August. (I don't think I can ever remember such a treat here in Colorado!)

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